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10 Of The Most Popular SIP Trunking Features

Most Popular SIP Trunking Features

Most popular SIP trunking features, we have written many times about the cost-benefits of SIP trunking. SIP trunking has helped reduce business communications costs. However, people wouldn’t or couldn’t take advantage of the cost savings provided SIP did not offer the necessary features to meet their business needs. Here are some of the most important and popular features that the top SIP trunking vendors provide.

Toll-Free Numbers

SIP Trunking supports 800 and other toll-free numbers and local direct dial numbers (DIDs) for local businesses.

Multiple DID Options

SIP trunking separates the physical location of the phone and the number. This allows businesses to have local numbers to specific markets without having to set up a physical office.

Remote Offices with Local Numbers

SIP trunking allows employees to work remotely and have a local phone number.

Call Data Records

Call Data Records (CDRs) can use to understand users’ communication needs and give insight into their business activities, helping them. CDRs are available in near real-time and allow users to view call history for one year.


The service “nomadic 911” (or “e911”) gives users peace of mind by routing their 911 calls to the nearest emergency center that can associate with their physical address.

Caller ID

Customers who use SIP trunking can set up inbound and outbound caller IDs.


SIP is the industry standard for voice and can support by all modern VoIP equipment and software, including IP PBX systems and desk phones. The hardware and software combinations that work best for your business can be chosen.


SIP trunking supports advanced voicemail features, including voicemail to email.

Disaster Recovery

SIP trunks can route to other locations in an emergency or power outage. This allows employees to continue their work uninterrupted.

International Toll Fraud Prevention

Make sure you choose a SIP trunking provider with automated toll fraud protection. These systems can detect suspicious call patterns and temporarily suspend international calls to lessen the risk of fraud attacks.

SIP trunking is an excellent option for customers who don’t want to compromise on functionality and value. SIP trunking is built to support modern communication and give businesses all their features for productivity and profitability.

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