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Get Area Code 424 Phone Numbers - California

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424 Area Code California

424 Area code serves part of Los Angeles, California, and the encircling regions. Area code 424 is a phone location code inside the North American Numbering Plan. It is for the U.S. At, we serve a large number of users from 424 covered area.

In August 26th, 2006 Area Code 424 was officially put into service. Then Area code 424 became the overlay of area code 310. The overlay allowed all the latest 310 spot code customers to keep on preserving their cell mobile numbers.

424 area code - My Country Mobile

Major Cities Or Places In California Within Area Code 424 Include:

The 424 territory code, along with zone code 410. In other words, it addresses the West Los Angeles and South Sound parts of the LA Region.

1 : Beverly Hills

2 : Carson

3 : Catalina

4 : Inglewood

5 : Long Beach

6 : Malibu

7 : Torrance, and includes the southwestern portions of Los Angeles County.

How much do area code 424 phone numbers cost, and what's the process for obtaining one?

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How did area code 424 come to be and what was its original purpose

424 area code serves California, USA.

When you’re looking to break into the California market, it’s important that your business have a local phone number. With an area code of 424 and without long distance charges attached customers are more likely call this variety instead of another one nearby or far away from them which will result in better customer service for all involved!

 How do I Dial Area Code 424 Phone Number?

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to call 424 area code phone numbers:

  1. Dial 919, the area code.
  2. Dial the 7-digit phone number

424 Area Code: Important Functions

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